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  • $10,791,000


Robb Capital Arranges $10.79 Million Financing for Creekside Villas

Date: Robb Capital proudly announces the successful arrangement of financing in the amount of $10,791,000 for Creekside Villas, a prominent 200-unit multifamily property, nestled in the heart of Dallas, TX.

Property Details:

– Property Name: Creekside Villas

– Street Address: 378 N. Jim Miller Road, Dallas, TX 75217

– Description: Creekside Villas is a distinguished multifamily property, offering comfortable and inviting living spaces for its residents.

– Loan Amount: The financing package secures $10,791,000, empowering the property’s continued growth and development.

Loan Details:

– Interest Rate: The financing package offers an attractive interest rate of 2.79%, ensuring favorable and cost-effective terms for the borrower.

– Loan Term: This financing features a 10-year term, providing stability and predictability for both the borrower and the property’s investors.

– Loan Amortization: With a generous 30-year amortization schedule, this financing arrangement enhances the property’s financial structure, ensuring manageable and sustainable repayments.

– Loan to Value (LTV): The LTV ratio stands at 72%, reflecting a well-balanced financing structure, offering favorable terms for the borrower.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR): With a DSCR of 1.25, this financing deal ensures that there is ample income to comfortably cover the debt service, providing financial security for the investment.

Robb Capital is delighted to have played a pivotal role in facilitating this financing for Creekside Villas. This financing empowers the property’s continued growth and its ongoing role in offering comfortable, inviting living spaces in the thriving community of Dallas, Texas.